Website Didgeridoo.PL was founded at the turn of 1990/2000 year.
Since then, invariably editor of portal and owner of the name Didgeridoo.PL is Arkadiusz Buczek. The mission was and is, to create a Polish Scene Didgeridoo and promote the culture of Australian Aborigines.

Website has undergone significant metamorphosis, our fans will remember many times it changed appearance, constantly opened new categories, we created the first
Polish Forum Didgeridoo which also passed a metamorphosis and is now available through Facebook.

Over the years activity in the Poland, we have created a solid basis for the scene.
Concerts, workshops of playing didgeridoo with our participation, hundreds of didgeridoos that have arisen in our studio and go to the people, it was really a great time and we hope that the people who want to take over and continue our mission in Poland will remember our contribution and effort, dignity us will replace.

Since 2012 Didgeridoo.PL has a new office in Sydney. Now our activities have taken an international character. Even after years of hard work, we managed to complete the project of life, the long-awaited digital didgeridoo instrument: Digidaki - MIDI Didgeridoo.

Many thanks to our fans for cheering and being with us !!!

Some of  music:

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