Australia is inhabited by one of the oldest human populations on earth.
Aborigines live in the continent for more than 40 thousand years. There are various information about it. It is difficult to determine exactly when the first people came here.
This is wild land, fascinating, different from the rest of the world in every aspects.
Country of incredible contrasts, from the sun-scorched deserts to jungles, which surpasses the age  ten times Amazon.
Land area is 7 682 300 km2, which corresponds to the area whole of Europe to the border with Russia. Two-thirds of the continent is Outback is interior Australian inhospitable plain.  Parched by sun, lived in a small extent.  In the vast majority here grow eucalyptus and acacias. We must be careful so as not come across the  poisonous snakes and other deadly creatures.
The place is beautiful though inaccessible. The common man did not survive a few days in desert!
Here is difficult for water and food, but Aborigines are very well adapted to the harsh environment, they know how to survive.
Great extent of bush divided the continent like a ocean, isolating residents from each other.
Hence the variety of Aboriginal beliefs.
Aboriginal culture is extraordinarily beautiful, based on oral legends passed down from generation to generation ancient beliefs, even coming from the Dreamtime.
It is one of very few in the world, which since its inception has not changed much.
Full of mysterious rituals which the white man knows very little or nothing.
It is hard to believe, but until the arrival of the first colonists, Aboriginal people didn't know the metal processing and other more advanced technologies. They do not cultivated the land, they
didn't have a clue about animal husbandry.
Production tools and other items of daily use was limited only to the treatment of stone, bone, sea shell, wood, etc.
As though the time has stopped in the Stone Age and lasted until the late 18th century.
Aboriginal art reaches to the "Stone Age." For thousands of years it was created without contact with other peoples and cultures. Closely related to the sphere of belief and magic. It consists primarily of cave drawings, engravings and paintings. The earliest formed 20 thousand years ago and more.
They are among the oldest known works of man. Aborigines paint mostly used four colors: brick red (ocher - a variety of hematite), yellow ocher - a variety of limonite of white (kaolin) and black (kaolin plus soot).
The paintings contain most frequent themes include animal and figural compositions and abstract geometric patterns made up of dots and lines. This kind of art sometimes was called Warlpiri. The name comes from the Warlpiri tribe.
The characteristic "X-ray" style of cave paintings has its roots probably from shamanic visions and dreams.

Aboriginal tribal life

In various parts of the continent, they formed small groups or larger community of 500 people, derived from common ancestors.
They engaged in gathering, hunting. Each group had its headquarters, and claimed the right to the territory which occupied at the time.
Sometimes the groups united in the common purpose of hiking, or tribal gatherings Corroborees.
As a result flourished trade between the tribes and formed pathways connecting distant parts of Australia. Today, when Australia is divided into states and private lands, it almost ruined the whole structure and system trails of Aboriginal.
In all tribes ruled egalitarianism. Social or economic hierarchies do not exist. Respect and consideration from others could be achieved only through skills such as agility in hunting, good knowledge of myths and traditions, or strength of personality.
Kinship also had great importance, mainly in the merging of clans and communities.

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