Aboriginal stories should not be confused with fairy tales. Is a treasure trove of knowledge about the original inhabitants of Australia, talks about what they did, they thought and felt for thousands of years.
Since the inception of species and elementary construction of the world, the structure of communities, aspects of life and death. Aborigines are explained by myths.
Climate Australia also had an important role in shaping the mythology. Rarely it rains, prolonged droughts have become a cause of some of the stories. Ghosts of lightning, thunder and rain were of great importance and played a big role in the everyday lives of Aborigines.
Reading it we can be dip into an ancient and fascinating world.

Excerpts from mythology Dreamtime:

How the Earth woke up ...

Long ago the Earth was dark and quiet. The land was barren surface. Inside a deep cave Nullarbor the Great Spirit was sleeping with a beautiful woman -  Mother Sun. Gently he woke her and told her to leave the cave and wake up the universe to life. Mother Sun opened her eyes and darkness disappeared. Her rays unfurled at around, covered the Earth. She took a breath and air gently fluttered like a small breeze blew.

Sun Mother embarked on a long trip from north to south and from east to west wake barren Earth. Earth kept seed potency of all things, and wherever the gentle rays of the sun touched the Earth, there gave birth to plants and trees. They grew, the Earth as a green place.
In the depths of the great caverns, Mother Sun awoke life creatures who dozed. Spurred to live insects, snakes, lizards and other reptiles, she saying "Wake up, go to the tree and the grass happily stand up from a deep sleep ..."

Then  snakes moved through the Earth, they formed a river, and become creators as a Mother Sun.
Behind snakes, mighty rivers flowed, abundant water life full of all kinds of fish and various creatures.
From the water came out animals and other creatures, and Mother Sun said  - "Your house will be on Earth ..." , "Days will change from wet to dry and with cold to hot ..." - so arose the season.
After these words, Mother Sun went on a trip far away in the sky to the west. Then the sky was red, the darkness flooded the Earth again. Then all creatures raised the alarm and fear gathered together. Then the sky began to shine pink glow from the east. Mother Sun smiling back to Earth, and everywhere there was tremendous joy. Mother Sun said - "it was time to rest for all the creatures of the Earth, she takes this trip each day.

Yidaki - creation didgeridoo and stars...

Long time ago, when the world still formed, a man good Tjijikurupu wanted to light the bonfire for himself and his family. By then it was wet, cold and dark.
Tjijikurupu went to collect wood, when he returned to the cave and lit the fire, he saw that one branch has a hole from which came out the termite who asked Tjijikurupu that he not burned his family and home.
Benevolent Tjijikurupu looked into the bough and saw a whole nest of termites. He felt sorry for them and went in front of the caves and in the direction of the sky blew a branch, termites by wind flew into sky and the sound that arose, transformed them to into stars.


A huge rock, like a mountain, high 400 m is of great importance for the Aborigines. Here intersects countless trails from the Dreamtime. One legend has it that there was fought the battle of people - snakes, and the rock was formed as a result of this fight.
Long ago Kuniya - snake rock people, lived in the desert near Woma - snake cronies and allies.
Members of the tribe Kuniya always restless. Still searching for something, ventured into farther and farther, to foreign lands. One day they came to the place where today is Uluru. At the time the rock still was non-existent, in its place and stretched endless plain where grow a lot of plants. This place is so captivated people Kuniya that they decided to end the trek and settle here permanently.
They returned only to say goodbye to his companions Woma. During the farewell feast with the people Woma, the tribe Kuniya sworn loyalty and friendship, to people Woma and go on the way to a new place.
They lived there a long time in peace and happiness, but the spell has broken on a day when appeared here, Liru-tribe people poisonous snakes warriors.
Erupted a terrible battle, which lasted a long time.Because of the shock resulting from combat, parted Earth and born big rock. On the rock to this day are visible signs of a fierce battle.
Thus arose Uluru from a huge massacre and pain.
It symbolizes the end of the world from the Dreamtime and the beginning of a new era.
This is is the end of the formation of the world. Since then it has to exist into its unchanged form.
Uluru is a sacred place of all Aborigines.

How did the hills...

Long ago, the Earth was flat, and on the plain called Puthadamathanha lived wombat Mandya, and kangaroo Urdlu. They traveled together and their favorite food were roots Ngarndi Wari.
One time Urdlu found a lot of nice roots, and Mandya just one small. Urdlu did not say Mandya about where there is an abundance of food.
Poor Mandya was getting weaker and thinner and Urdlu stronger and thicker.
Finally starving Mandya came to Urdlu and asked for a tiny root. Urdlu looked emaciated Mandya and said  - "Look, a piece somewhere is, take it"
Mandya long searched until he found and ate it with relish. He asked Urdlu where they can find more roots. Urdlu took pity on buddy and pointed the direction where he could find them, but it was late and they both went to sleep.
On the next day Urdlu stood first and went to look for water. Then Mandya got up and went to the trail indicated by Urdlu look for the roots. He traveled till he reached the place.
Urdlu returned from a trip to fetch water. Surprised absent buddy, he recalled that he went to take his roots. Upset went after him. When Urdlu arrived, Mandya busy digging up the roots did not notice his presence.
Angry Urdu shouted - "Why do are you digging at my place !!!" Frightened Mandya nibbling root resembled a quavering voice that showed me this place. Urdlu became very angry, the outbreak of fight between them. Jerking hands, legs, head, stretching their body to enormous size. Then Urdlu heavily had hurt buddy. After all wounded Mandya went away to a place called Vadaardlanha to relax and heal the wounds.
When tried to sleep, the wound hurt more and more. I finally could not stand it and took out stones from the wound, which caused pain. He threw them with anger into the ground, and so formed the hills.
Urdu understood that behaved badly and went to Vadaardlanha, seek Mandya to apologize to him. Going he saw in the distance growing hills. Shout - "Hey! What's old buddy? Over the hills I will not be able to live here and hike!" Upset kangaroo to secure a supply of water struck with all his strength tail into the ground creating a large hole, which was filled with water. And so it arose Munda (Lake Frome today). Mandya envy of water poured into the lake of salt. To this day, the water in the lake is salty and kangaroos therefore can not drink it.
Mandya sat on the hills Vadaardlanha. He watched and cried - "Go back where you came from!" Then Mandya transformed into a ghost Thudupinha and in this place today, the earth is red with the blood from the his wounds after a big fight from the Urdlu. It is called "Mandya Arti" which means blood.

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