Dreamtime is the name used by the Western people. Among Aborigines this time is called Bugari, Djugurba, Tjukurpa, Wongar, Ungud depending on the territory in different parts of Australia.
Born itself the Earth from the the Rainbow Snake, like a volcano exploded energy ancestral spirits who brought to life the sun, moon and stars giving them a run.
They created the Earth and the physical life, spiritual be making rituals and holy places.
As a metaphysical dimension and cosmological era went on and on without end.
Suitable rituals and songs of power, opening the way for Aborigines initial spark, the inception of the Earth.
Aborigines relationship with their ancestors is a very strong sense of individuality as if they are the same people, is changeless.
The myths passed on centuries show the same community in the same scene.
Here all the people, animals and all living beings are called to live in the same incessant

Totemism which is based beliefs of Aborigines is very strongly related to their daily lives. It is a belief in the existence of relationship between people and their totems family or individual, which may include animals, plants as well as natural phenomena and guardian spirits. The cult totems of great importance Dreamtime and to this most common are related to totems. As a result it is constantly renewed in everyday life.
Totemic animal can be killed only during the rites. In the ceremony participate only men in the clan, rite ends with a sacred feast during which eats meat an animal totem. The aim is to combine the totemic spirit from the participants of the ceremony. In some cases, women also take part in the ceremony.

With the totemism also connect beliefs and rituals with various ritual objects, which have a significant relationship with the mythical ancestors. This is the most tjurunga, didgeridoo, etc.
Decorating ritual objects represent totemic characters and mythical situations, appropriate for a particular clan or individual person. This item focuses the power of spiritual of the living and their totemic ancestor.
A major role in the beliefs has shamanism and magic, and animism is of little importance. Interestingly, the concept of single deity among Aborigines almost does not occur, with the exception of Rainbow Snake as the main theme.  Extremely important are the ancestral spirits manifested their presence in all aspects of existence, and the myths associated with them.

Rituals and beliefs and daily life of Aborigines
Specific to the Western way of thinking separateness of mind and body, man and nature is in the tradition of Aborigines absent.
Aboriginal tradition is a long and uninterrupted history, includes the social, religious and philosophical creates a system, inextricably linked with nature.
These compounds make themselves a part of nature and cultural wealth may appear into a single complex whole.
Attempts to separate the practical and philosophical unity of Aboriginal culture or religious environment is impossible, because the environment with the totality of world of nature, flora and fauna and the man is a religion in itself.
Aborigines life has always been filled with ceremonies and rituals closely associated with nature. Everyday activities such as gathering food, matchmaking, initiation of young people and others are reflected in the beliefs.
Rituals and ceremonies that are restoring the initial act of creation from the Dreamtime are the element around which revolve two equivalent elements of existence-reality and dreaming, consciousness and subconscious.
Dreaming one aspect of Aboriginal culture is what determines life and is life itself. Dreaming is the spiritual basis and practice of everyday life. Daily routines and rituals are dictated by dreams and visions.
Division of ritual and daily routines do not exist, because for Aborigines life is a continuous a single ritual combines the people and all the elements of nature. The basis of aboriginal meaning of life is to keep things into a state similar to Dreamtime when the ancestors established the order of the universe. The principle of their philosophy is continuity of becoming, and the process does not progress. Fractal develop into not the distance. Dreamtime is the process of creating similar to the creation described in the Old Testament, except that for Aborigines entire physical existence with the spiritual destiny was born from the womb Rainbow Snake.
The difference is important because it figuratively body was created from the body, and not from the word,  for example as in the Catholic religion.
Element of biological communication with the creator of the Mother is the foundation of Aboriginal mentality. The fact that the Rainbow Snake exists physically as a Mother-to-Earth indicates a very strong relationship with Aborigines land and nature.
The fact that the conception of the universe is with the details narrated in many myths in which male and female entities create by the sexual act, physical and mental reality.
The notion unity man and nature in every respect, become apparent perhaps most strongly in how the Aborigines see the act of conception. Conception is here two dimensions: the spiritual and the physical.
Spiritual child and his totemic conditions must exist before physical conception. From the moment of conception, even before the occurrence of the physical person is involved in a network of social conditioning.
The person identifies himself not only with the tribe, but also with his / her totemic counterpart, the guardian spirit: kangaroo, emu, goanna etc. and the place where the person was spiritually conceived.
Conception of the individual person is like a conception of the universe, the result of a real fusion of male and female elements, and not the work of a mythical angel coming down from heaven. Habits, social behavior, elements of knowledge, were dictated by the the principles of Dreamtime. Aborigines not developed the tendency to accumulate material goods, not because of lack of skills or needs but the needs of this type did not take place in the Dreamtime, and art and ornament existed as a record of the contents of belief and ritual. Aboriginal cosmology is uniform with all aspects of life.
It is difficult to know to describe Aboriginal traditions. We in the Western tradition freely analyzing the religion, art, technology, science as a relatively independent elements-these aspects of life are in the tradition of Aboriginal perfectly connected to each other and follow one of the others.
For example, the seed is in itself a seed and it is also the "dream" of the fruit, which in turn contains the potential future seeds. This is a dream existence.
The process to create a Dreamtime the still going on into daily lives Aborigines, in their dreams and rituals, and the time in the Western understanding does not exist. It is rather perceived as a process of transition from one state of existence to another. The future and the past as dreaming, exist simultaneously with reality. The spiritual conception of an existence, not only the physical birth.
In Aboriginal cosmology are four spheres: deceased, living, dying and unborn. Sphere deceased is controlled by the masculine energy. The sphere of the unborn is the female aspect. Spheres of of the living and dying is the sphere of consciousness, actually felt five senses.
Aboriginal people are moving between these spheres without major problems. They are perfectly feel. Dreaming is not a special state of mind, it is simply another reality. This mental nomadism is reflected into their traditional way of life. Usually constant movement from place to place is based on the belief that long-term stay in one place, would impoverish the natural energy of the place.

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