Arkadiusz Buczek, from the passion a musician and designer, huge fan Aboriginal culture.
He is an electronics engineer, designer of musical instruments.
For more than 18 years playing the didgeridoo, he laid the" foundation stone" for
the Polish Scene Didgeridoo.

He built hundreds of traditional didgeridoos and other instruments. He invented a solution that allowed him to build Digidaki MIDI Didgeridoo.

Since 2012 lives in Australia where he finished work on digital didgeridoo.
Moreover, since from 2012 runs the company Digi-Man involved in the design of musical instruments and repair of all kinds of musical equipment.
Often, the time spent on coming up with innovative solutions.

In connection with the mission Didgeridoo.PL he trying to reach Aboriginal communities to be able to archive and study the disappearing culture of the Aborigines.
The mission is called by him "Trip to Dreamtime" when he move across Australia as long and wide for integrate with Aboriginal communities which as he hopes to show their style and meaning of life.

Preparations for the expedition underway..

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