Over the years I realized a lot of projects. I participated in various musical events.
In cooperation with famous musicians from the Polish art scene I realized some interesting things.
I played with Justyna Steczkowska in Polish Radio 3 The concert was associated with the promotion of her album Justyna Steczkowska - Alkimja I played on the didgeridoo. With her brother Pawel Steczkowski we have completed some recordings and events and I made for him some didgeridoos.
At another time with the famous Polish folk band Trebunie i Tutki and musician Krzysztof Horn we have completed recording remix Hej Hanko from the album Goralsko Sila

Moreover the recording on TV program Travel with a Joke  Reaction and National Geographic

By joining forces with Jurek Fiedoruk we organized the first Polish Festival Didgeridoo

Countless performances in nightclubs. The most successful performances I made with
Dj Adamus Which took place in Zakopane, the club Ampstrag in 2005
For several years I carried performances and recordings under the name Goana Project.
Concerts in the Polish Ethnographic Museum and joint concerts with the Axis Mundi and many others.
I introduced, didgeridoo to the Polish Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology
Dr. Elzbieta Galinska continues and conducts research with the didgeridoo in use in the musicotherapy.

Also for the Australian medical company SymPhar I organized many times shows and presentations of Aboriginal culture. It was always at the medical fair or integration events SymPhar.

I published own album Arkadiusz Buczek Ri Doo - Didgeridoo Solo, and Lord of the Electron which was transformed in Arkadius Music mostly electronic music on the borderline of trance, d & b, hip-hop + laser show ect.
Although Lord of the Electron I'm going to restore. Under this pseudonym I try to prepare a series of performances with musical Tesla Coils These are producing giant lightning.

I am currently in Australia and start a new stage. Look what I did here in Australia, but my goal is to create good relations with the Aboriginal community. I would like to get to know their culture and archive the most important aspects, and show on the world their culture through the prism of my activities.
So far many about them I said. In Poland I organized events where presented culture of the Aborigines. Now I have a chance to get between them and live like them. This is the only way to get to know their customs and culture.
Moreover my trip to Australia is also connected with the project digital didgeridoo. In Poland
I didn't have good conditions for the promotion and production of this invention. After many trials sometimes setbacks, finally I realized the final prototype. So far no one has built didgeridoo  in this way, I'm the first :)
I'll write more about this in the near future.

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